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Zomato can home delivery of liquor in lockdown, this is the company’s plan

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Zomato can home delivery of liquor in lockdown, this is the company's plan

Zomato can home delivery of liquor, Food delivery app Zomato is preparing to make home delivery of liquor in India in view of the increasing demand for alcohol across the country. After Lockdafon, Zomato also introduced grocery delivery in India.

Lockdown has been in India since 25 March 2020. Since then liquor shops in the country were closed. Approval has been given to open liquor shops this week. People engaged in hours-long lines to buy liquor. In such a situation, the police administration was also strict to follow the social distancing rules.

The state governments also announced the imposition of special corona fees on liquor to control congestion. The Delhi government is imposing a 70 percent fee on liquor. At the same time, time was set for opening shops in many states.

There is currently no legal provision for home delivery of alcohol. But the liquor industry body International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI) is demanding that the government approve home delivery of liquor. If the government approves this then Zomato will be able to make home delivery of alcohol.

A media agency quoted Zomato CEO Mohit Gupta as saying, “If home delivery of alcohol is done with the help of technology, the consumption of alcohol can be encouraged.” Zomato has said that it will provide this facility only in places where coronavirus infection is less.

A report states that the state gets 10-15 percent of revenue from excise duty on liquor. In the state’s own tax revenue category, the excise duty comes in the second or third number, the first number is the Goods and Services Tax i.e. GST.

According to the Reserve Bank of India report, in 2019-20, 29 states and union territories like Delhi and Puducherry had a total budget of Rs 1,75,501 crores from excise duty on liquor. This was 16% higher than the previous year 2018-19.

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