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Varun Pruthi Bio & Success Story

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Varun Pruthi

Varun Pruthi is someone who is known for helping others, He is an actor, producer, dancer director. He is a YouTuber, he inspires people on social work for social work, but the one who lives for others is really human. They motivate people in all their videos that we should help all people. No matter how beautiful, no matter how wealthy, but the importance of humanity should be understood. He comes all the dos farms of Hip-Hop, Robotic, Weaving, Popping, Acting Bollywood. Varun Pruthi is a big personality on YouTube.

Varun Pruthi Birth

He was born on 3 December 1980 in Delhi. He will turn 38 in the year 2018. He did his early education from Delhi. He took 4 years of acting, dosing training in California.

Varun Pruthi Physical Stats

Height of Varun Pruthi is 173 cm (5 ft 8 in) and weighs 70 Kg. is. Their eye color is dark brown and hair color is black. He played a boy named Rohan in this film. He appears alongside Jackie Shroff in this film. Helping Varun to turn around. His favorite actress is named Deepika Padukone and his favorite is black and red. His favorite brand is Bringing Humanity Back.

Varun Pruthi career

Varun Prithi uploads many videos on YouTube. He uploaded the first video on 8 January 2012. This video has got many views and got a good response. He then uploaded a video of the breakup song on his channel. After that, a video upload of the social experiment was done. In this video, Varun showed that in the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case, if people were to help those two children, then perhaps it would not have been so wrong. After that, he uploaded many videos in which he is seen helping someone. And it shows how people are working hard and advancing their children and life. People get inspired by watching many of their videos. These videos are reality-based. There are more than 1 Million Subscribers.

Varun Pruthi on Youtube

Varun made a video in which he seeks help from people on blood-soaked streets, but no one steps forward to help them. Varun showed in this video that he was soaked in blood, but how Delhi’s ambulance goes ahead. And leaves the person to die. Varun says that “this incident can happen to you too before it is too late so I am waking people up” Varun helps the poor in every video of Prithi. In truth, people like Varun Prithi are rare in the world. Varun always makes short videos in which help poor people and show their difficulties, situations. Varun Prithi helps those who are poor, need money, food. Varun Prithi takes all the goods from the people who sell the books on the way and gives money to them. Varun opened an organization called Bringing Humanity Back. This organization has been opened to help people.

Varun Pruthi Wife & Girlfriend

Varun Pruthi’s wife’s name is Himadri Pruthi, she is a model. Varun and Himadri knew for a long time and liked each other. Now Himadri and Varun’s mother

Varun Pruthi Net Worth

Varun Pruthi has 1.8+ million Subscriber on Youtube. And his net worth is 1 million. They upload many videos to YouTube. All of his videos are related to human beings. Today they are probably successful because they help others, and they get their blessings. God is also pleased to see Varun Pruthi because humanity is more than God.

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