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Success Mantra: One must move forward with the hand of positivity in life

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One must move forward with the hand of positivity in life

One must move forward with the hand of positivity in life, Someone has rightly said, if you want to see our flight, then tell the Assam to elevate your height. Amar Bahadur of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh has shown this saying by fulfilling this saying. Amar Bahadur is helpless with both hands, but he is not lacking in his spirits. There was never a handicap in the middle of his studies. He has passed the high school examination by writing with his feet.

The lack has not come in fresh

Ramlakhan of Karenghi village of Pindoria Gram Sabha in Amethi district and Amar Bahadur, the disabled son of Kevala Devi has become an example for others. Despite not doing his handwork since childhood, there has been no reduction in his spirits.

Answers in written examination with feet

Amar started writing his luck with his feet. During the 2017 high school examination at Rambali Inter College, Amar wrote copies of all subjects with his feet. When the test results came, people were stunned. Amar increased the value of Karenghei village by bringing 59 percent marks.

Hands were not right since childhood

Mother Kevala, who is taking care of her son Amar while living at home, told in an interview that both her hands are not well since her son’s childhood. He eats with his feet. Also interested in reading. But due to a lack of money, we are not able to get it educated in a good school. There is a lot of sadness, but if there was any government help, it was fine. If he had got a job, it would have gone ahead. This sorrow was also haunting how his entire life would be cut.

Learned by watching people

His mother says that from a young age, Amar Bahadur started insisting on seeing the children around. He started writing on the sillet from his feet. Then we also started to encourage him. Amar said I am encouraged by the test result. I will work harder and become a teacher and brighten the name of the country society.

Amar is also a mobile mechanic

The special thing about Amar Bahadur is that he is also a mobile mechanic, it is not difficult for him to open and fix the mobile with his feet. The money he gets from this, he spends in his studies. Village Principal Representative Shyam Bahadur Singh says that Amar Bahadur is quite promising. Along with making mobile, it also does electricity work. Apart from this, it is also fast to read. Financial is not well located. They have been given a ration card with the Prime Minister’s residence. The name has been sent in the Chief Minister Housing Scheme.

Told the inspiration for the state

Regarding this handicapped student, the District Magistrate of Amethi, Arun Kumar said that the case of the handicapped student of Amethi has come up. He is taking the exam at Ranveer Inter College despite not having both hands. Watched by our mobile team. This child is an inspiration to other children of the state. After all, despite such inefficiency, he is being tried. He will also be provided with all the required assistance by the district administration.

Many Government Benefits Given

District Social Welfare Officer Rajesh Sharma said that this child is getting a Divyang pension. A tricycle was proposed, but it could not run. They have also been given accommodation and toilets from the Prime Minister’s residence. The father has also been given the Kisan Nidhi Samman. Efforts will also be made to give what good help it can so that the child’s education is not interrupted.


Life should not move towards negativity but should move forward by holding the hand of positivity.

  • No one can stop being successful if you are confident
  • We learn more and faster in a crisis than normal time

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