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PM Modi said salute those who serve humanity

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PM Modi said - salute those who serve humanity

PM Modi said salute those who serve humanity on Thursday described the learning of Lord Buddha as more relevant than ever, amidst the turmoil and despair caused by the Kovid-19 global pandemic, saying that staying exhausted, there is no alternative and victory Continuous effort is necessary. Addressing the country through video conferencing, the Prime Minister said that those serving humanity are eligible.

Prime Minister Modi said in his address that circumstances are different this time. The world is going through difficult times. It is my privilege to be among you, but the current situation does not allow it. India is helping the world today by following Buddha’s step. Whether it is in the country or abroad, profit and loss are not being seen during this period.

The Prime Minister said that India stands with the world without any selfishness. We have to protect ourselves, our family as well as others. Helping everyone in times of crisis is everyone’s religion. Our work should be continuous service. It is important to have a sense of compassion for others.

He said, ‘He (Lord Buddha) said that human beings should constantly strive to overcome difficult situations, get out of them. Getting tired and stopping is not an option. Modi said that Buddha symbolizes both the realization of India and the self-realization of India. He said that with this self-realization, India is and will continue to work for the benefit of the entire humanity and the whole world.

Society changed, not Buddha’s message

In his address, the Prime Minister said that Buddha is not limited to any one situation. He gives a message to everyone to help humanity. Time has changed, the situation has changed, the arrangements of society have changed, but the message of Lord Buddha has remained constant in life. He has a special place in the life of all of us.

Modi said, ‘This has been possible only because Buddha is not just a name but also a sacred thought. The message and resolve to remove the difficulty of every life has always shown the direction to India’s civilization, culture. Lord Buddha has further enriched this culture of India.

The Prime Minister said that today there are many people who are engaged in serving people in their own way in different parts of the country, in the world. Have people on the street follow the law or treat the sick. Everyone is serving their own way. Such people who are engaged in the service of humanity are eligible for salutation. Today there is turmoil in the world, at such a time, learning of Buddha is necessary.

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