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Ordering food online? This is how corona proof to eat your delicious food

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Ordering food online? This is how corona proof to eat your delicious

how corona proof to eat your delicious food, More than two weeks have passed since the nationwide lockdown was implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. However, businesses and shops will remain closed for at least 30 April 2020.

During this time essential items such as groceries, medicines, and vegetables are easily available in the market and they can also be ordered online. If you do not want to cook at home or want to eat something different, then there is an option for food delivery.

But the question here is, how safe is it to order food online? If experts believe that no evidence of coronavirus infection has been found so far through food or food packaging, because the virus kills by cooking properly, the food ordered by ordering online is completely safe. Nevertheless, food packaging should be sanitized before enjoying the food.

Although the possibility of getting infected due to contact with food packaging is negligible, it is important to take precautions to avoid indirect infection. For this, you can take these measures.

Select contactless delivery – The delivery person will place your food outside your door, play the doorbell and call you to confirm the delivery. You will also get your order and there will be a safe distance from the delivery person.

Pay online – If you pay cash, try to give the full amount, so that you do not have to take any change or open.

You can use household bleach to sanitize the packaging According to Dr. James Gill of Warwick Medical School, ‘this virus becomes dormant within a minute of wiping any surface with domestic bleach.’

Put the food in a clean container, throw the packaging in the dustbin and wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

If your food is not hot, then make it hot before eating.

Wash hands well and enjoy your delicious food. You may have to do some hard work to corona proof the food delivery, but after that when you enjoy your delicious food, everything becomes meaningful. Stay safe, keep getting the necessary information and most importantly keep enjoying your meal. how corona proof to eat your delicious food

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