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COVID-19: Customers have to make an appointment before shopping

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Customers have to make an appointment before shopping

Customers have to make an appointment before shopping, If you are planning to shop after the lockdown is over, do not forget to make an appointment with your favorite brand retailer before going shopping. You may also have to wear masks, gloves and other accessories for personal protection before entering the showroom. To make shopping safe after the lockdown opens, retailers are preparing to adopt a variety of rules related to Covid-19.

Crowd will not be seen in showrooms: There are many businesses which are completely closed during the Kovid-19 lockdown. Even though these businesses are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to open and get a good number of customers, the risk of corona infection is still not averted. At the opening of the market, all the shopkeepers and retailers will have to follow the guide line issued by the government. In such a situation, retailers may have to implement the new rule of making an appointment before shopping to follow the social distancing rules. This will make it easier for the retailers to maintain the position of not being able to gather in the showroom.

Use of gloves and masks will be necessary: ​​Along with the customers, retailers will also have to pay special attention to the safety of their staff. For this, many retailers are preparing to implement such an arrangement, in which it will be necessary for customers to cover masks, gloves, and shoes before entering the showroom. Apart from this, retailers are also insisting on sanitizing the trial room and cash counter. Retailers also say that after the showroom opens, they will advise their staff to avoid using public transport. At the same time, the HR team will also be tracking the entire staff.

According to the clothing brand BlackBerry, if a customer sees a cloth in the showroom, we will keep it separate instead of keeping it back in stock and only after completely sanitizing it to give it to another customer for trying. Similarly, parcels returned in online shopping will also be sanitized well.

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